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Name: Chrom
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Canon Point: Just before the timeskip, after Gangrel's defeat.
Link to Application: Here!
Link to HMD: Here!
Link to Permission List: Here!

Moogle Name: Kulevi
Moogle Gender: Female

Limit Break: Aether - A crushing dual-strike attack that restores some of Chrom's health, as well as drastically decreasing a foe's attack and defense capabilities.
Dark KnightMAX
Chocobo Knight3 Months
Dark KnightMAX
Fire Bender11.25 Months
Magitek Knight3 Months
Ninja11 Months
Dragoon2.5 Months
Santa ClausMAX
Lord (Custom)11.5 Months
Crystal Knight
Cyborg Ninja
Galactic Knight

Chocobo Knight
InitialChoco SummonAllows to summon a Chocobo anywhere on the World Map.
InitialChoco AssaultCharges at the enemies on a Chocobo's back to deal physical damage.
One MonthChoco BeakTeaches the character's Chocobo to attack the enemy on its own.
Two MonthsChoco CureHeals minor wounds.
Three MonthsChoco RechargeLessens mental exhaustion on one ally (restores mental power).
Four MonthsChoco EsunaLocked.
Six Months Choco FlameLocked.
Nine MonthsChoco BarrierLocked.
One Year Choco MeteorLocked.

Dark Knight
InitialSoul EaterSacrifices a bit of your life energy to deal dark damage to all enemies.
One MonthBlindSpell that may blind an enemy.
Two MonthsDrainAbsorbs life energy from an enemy (mid).
Four MonthsBreakSword attack that may petrify an enemy.
Six MonthsDeathInstantly kills an enemy (may fail).
Nine MonthsSacrificeSelf-destruct to kill or grievously wound enemies.
One YearDoomEnemy dies within four minutes. Always works (except on some bosses).

Fire Bender
InitialPyrokinesisBends the Fire element to the user's will.
One MonthFire DaggersCreates thin blades of fire from the nails that can be thrown or used as weapons.
Two MonthsBombsCreates flame balls that can be thrown in explosive bursts.
Four MonthsPyro ArcCreates rings, arcs, or circles of fire that can easily reach evasive targets.
Six MonthsBlazing WhipCreates a seemingly physical whip made of fire.
Nine MonthsFire StreamAttack with a continuous stream of fire which can be bent to the user's will.
One Year PropulsionLocked.
??????????Blue FireLocked.

Magitek Knight
InitialMagic BulletShoots elemental bullets (fire, water, ice, thunder).
One MonthRunicAbsorbs the next magical attack and moderately heals thanks to it.
Three MonthsStasis SwordChannels energy through the gunblade to inflict damage (all enemies).
Six MonthsFirewallLocked.
Nine MonthsElectrostaticLocked.
One YearJudgmentLocked.
Magitek Armor Magitek ArmorTransfers to Magitek Armor.

Magitek Armor
AvailableSmash AttackAttacks an enemy.
AvailableRunicShoots magical bullets at the enemy.
AvailableMetal KickImproves an ally's resistance to magical attacks.
AvailableMagitek LaserFires a magic beam at the enemy.
AvailableMagitek MissilesShoots missiles at multiple targets (missiles are limited in number).
AvailableElemental BeamAttack with a water beam.
Available Healing ForceModerately heal the pilot and lightly heal allies.

InitialTransienceEvades an attack and counterattacks.
One MonthShunshinDrastically raises speed and agility for five minutes.
Two MonthsCloneCreates a perfect copy to fight alongside or instead of you.
Four MonthsNinjutsuCasts a fire, water, thunder or ice attack to all enemies (mild).
Six MonthsThrowThrows spare weapons at the enemy (x2 damage).
Nine MonthsSmoke BombDisappears in a cloud of smoke and appears elsewhere (50 foot radius).
One Year Ceiling WalkingLocked.
Invisibility CrystalStealthTurns invisible.

InitialStock BreakElemental sword attack (light, multiple targets).
InitialProtect, ShellImproves an ally's resistance to physical or magical attacks.
One MonthSentinelIncreases defensive capabilities and takes blows instead of allies.
Two MonthsDesperationRaises attack and defense whenever an ally dies.
Four MonthsCuraHeals mid wounds.
Six MonthsThunder SlashElemental sword attack (electricity).
Nine Months ClimhazzardPowerful elemental sword attack (light, multiple targets).
One YearShockMost powerful elemental sword attack (light, one target).

InitialJumpLeaps high into the air before quickly descending to attack an enemy.
InitialCrescent MoonAttacks all enemies at once.
One MonthLancetAbsorbs life energy from an enemy (weak).
Two MonthsSpirit SurgeRaises endurance and agility (five minutes).
Three MonthsDecimateLocked.
Six MonthsMirage DiveLocked.
Nine Months Dragon BreathLocked.
One Year Chaos ThrustLocked.

Santa Claus
InitialAll-Knowing ListEffects vary whether the target is on the good or naughty list.
One MonthThe Toy BagUnlocks a magical bag in which virtually anything can be stored.
Two MonthsChristmas SpiritInspires trust in others and spreads a joyful atmosphere around.
Three MonthsJingle BellShrinks self to go through chimneys or otherwise tiny passages.
Four MonthsCoal LumpsHarmless attack that hurts the target's confidence, pride, and motivation.
Six MonthsHoly AdventDoubles the effectiveness of this Job in December.
Nine Months Security ElfSummons a Tarutaru-sized security elf to protect the character.
One YearLetter to SantaCapability to gift what is written on letters sent to the character.
?????????? Coming to TownCan fly with a sleigh pulled by at least four Chocobos.

InitialPower Break, Magic BreakPhysical attack (lowers an enemy's physical or magical power).
One MonthArmor Break, Mental BreakPhysical attack (lowers an enemy's physical or magical defense).
Two MonthsFlame TongueElemental physical attack (fire).
Three MonthsLiquid SteelElemental physical attack (water).
Four MonthsIce BrandElemental physical attack (ice).
Six MonthsThunder BladeElemental physical attack (electricity).
Nine Months AssaultCasts Shell, Protect, and Berserk on self, but loses control (ten minutes).
One YearExcaliburMost powerful non-elemental physical attack.

Lord (Custom Job)
InitialDual Strike+10% chance of dealing two attacks instead of one.
One MonthCharmGrant a 10% bonus to accuracy and to avoid attacks to any allies within 30 feet of the Lord.
Two MonthsSol10% chance of activating an attack that recovers HP equal to damage dealt.
Three MonthsLuna10% chance of activating an attack that halves an enemy's defense and resistance
Four MonthsDual Guard+Gives the Lord a 10% chance of blocking a melee attack directed against an ally, nullifying damage. Can prevent one-hit kill strikes.
Six MonthsAegisHalves damage from bows, spells, and dragon breath.
Nine Months Aether2% chance of landing two consecutive hits; the first with Sol, the second with Luna.
One YearRightful KingLocked.

One Maxed Job Job Master Expands the Job limit from five to ten.
Three Maxed Jobs Multi Exp Stored Jobs receive 1/4 of exp even when unequipped.
Five Maxed Jobs Equipment Lore Can equip and use the weapons and armors of any mastered Job.
Seven Maxed Jobs Double Exp Doubles the exp obtained every months for all equipped and unequipped Jobs.
Eight Maxed Jobs Stats Transfer Takes on the stats, strengths and weaknesses of three maxed out Jobs.
Nine Maxed Jobs Ten Skills Allows to pick and use ten skills from any maxed Jobs.
Ten Maxed Jobs Melodies of Life Awakens the true power of the Heroes of Light.



Crystal Knight
Initial Job Resistance Prevents enemies from disabling your Jobs.
Paladin Maxed Wish Sacrifice your own life to fully heal an ally.
Dark Knight Maxed Shadow Blade Sword attacks always absorb half the damage dealt.
Final Crystal Shield Absorbs attacks when taking a blow for an ally.

Cyborg Ninja
Initial Deflect Deflects all projectiles with the blade.
Ninja Maxed Add-On Locked.
Magitek Knight Maxed Slicer Locked.
Final Nanomachines Locked.

Galactic Knight
Initial One Order Increases the power of Galactic Knights the more people use this Job.
Paladin Maxed Mind Trick Allows to influence the minds of weak-willed characters.
Dragoon Maxed Telekinesis Locked.
Final Afterlife Locked.

Friendly Monster Encounters
Feather Circle - November 2015 - Boosted Paladin and Dark Knight

Magitek Armor (Water)
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Hugging: Sure. He's a friendly guy.
Kissing: If you want to paralyze him from sheer shock, go ahead. He's a prude.
Flirting: He's dense, but it's allowed.
Fighting: Definitely.
Injuring: Sure!
Killing: Just ask, but I'm OK with it!
Telepathy/Mind-reading: If it comes up, I don't mind.

Backtagging/Slow threading: Yes.
Threadjumping: Go for it, if the other person involved is okay with it!
Fourth-walling: Why not? If it's allowed, then I don't mind.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Preferred fandom ships: Robin (female)
Fandom ships I will play: None in [community profile] melodiesoflife save for Robin. That said, if your character is from a different future where he doesn't marry the avatar, this is not only acceptable, but hilarious.
Fandom ships I'm uninterested in: Everyone else. But I love friendships and CR.
Non-fandom ships: None, please. He's very dedicated to the lady he loves.

I have been known to make horrible jokes OOCly about Emmeryn jumping off of a cliff. Chrom is squeaky clean, but I'm a terrible person.
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Got any feedback on how I can improve my portrayal of Chrom? Please feel free to let me know, I welcome concrit.
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Name: Faetan
Age: 18+
Personal Journal: None
Contact: [ profile] faetan, RainaMoonsinger via AIM
Other In-Game Characters: Rukia Kuchiki [personal profile] damn_juicebox

Character (Original Universe)
Name: Chrom
Age: 19 (estimated)
Gender: Male
Canon: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Canon Point: Just before the timeskip, after Gangrel's defeat
History: Chrom's Wiki Page
Personality: One of Chrom's greatest strengths is his ability to trust in others. This is not to say that he's gullible, for he is not a fool. However, he believes earnestly in the dedication and talents of his friends and troops. Once he discovers Robin's keen mind for tactics, he's willing to allow her to direct the battle as she sees fit. He is far more likely to trust a person by their actions rather than their words, and once someone has proved themselves as a capable ally, it's difficult to shake his trust thereafter.

It is partially due to this trust that gives Chrom his enormous capacity for courage and bravery. He is unafraid of a fight, and doesn't hesitate to defend and protect his people. No matter how powerful a foe might be, Chrom will never shrink back. He knows how much is at stake, and he will never refuse to stand up against enemies who seek to destroy what he holds dear.

Chrom feels that it is his duty as a prince to protect his people, and by extension, his little sister and the troops that follow him into battle. He will never hold someone back or coddle them; if someone has a desire to fight, then by all means, he will give them every opportunity to do so. Donnel, for example, was just a simple villager trying to protect the others in his town. Chrom not only permitted him to fight, but encouraged him as well and gave him the opportunity to join their little army. Donnel's unshakable will was proof enough that he was fit to join the Shepherds, and when he asked to join once the fight was over, Chrom welcomed him warmly. But that doesn't mean he'll stand idly by and let someone come to harm for the sake of their pride either. He's quick to shield his little sister Lissa when there's danger, and willingly steps in front of an ally to protect them...even with his life.

He has confessed that most of his skills tend to revolve around breaking things with his sword. As a fighter, he's not only versatile, but formidable as well. His breadth of experience and diligent training has made him one of the best swordsmen in the halidom. He is also shown to be proficient with spears and bows, depending on the class/title he assumes. However, he cannot use magic, nor is he as tactically minded as Robin. But Chrom is still a great leader, and few have been able to withstand his attacks.

As a prince, Chrom takes his duties seriously. He's a responsible young man who understands that actions have consequences. As such, it's unlikely that he would blindly rush into any situation (save where his family is concerned, but that's where Robin's cool head comes into play). He could easily remain in the castle and wile away the hours at his leisure, but instead, he chose to form a band of warriors called The Shepherds who move throughout the halidom and keep the peace. He takes the welfare of Ylisse's people very seriously, and diligently serves them with his life.

Chrom is easygoing and approachable, due to his relatively humble nature. He's a kind person who doesn't rank himself above anyone else. Those in the Shepherds are considered his equals, even his friends, and he is unrestrained in his warmth and honest affection. He is unspoiled and rarely (if ever) complains. Eating bear meat is nothing new to him, nor is sleeping out under the stars. He needs little in the way of material possessions. The most valuable item he owns is his Falchion sword, which he is rarely without.

The prince is slow to anger. He is not easily provoked, and seems even-tempered. He can take a joke, maybe even make a few of his own if the circumstances allow. This isn't to say that he never gets angry -- if anyone dared to threaten the people he loves, like Lissa and Robin, he would rush to the attack. When he discovered that his sister Emmeryn had been taken, he nearly ran headlong to fight the Plegian Empire to rescue her, even if it was extremely unwise. But under most circumstances, the average troll would have a difficult time riling him up.

Although Chrom is a decent soul and the epitome of a heroic prince, this isn't to say that he has no weaknesses. When his sister died, he fell into a deep and melancholy slump, unable to function or fight. He grows very attached to the people he loves, and if he loses them, dealing with that loss is beyond difficult. He feels very deeply, and doesn't mend quickly from a broken heart. It wasn't until Sumia slapped him and told him to get a hold of himself that he was able to lift his head and move forward, driven by his sense of duty to the people that Emmeryn had loved.

He'll also admit that he's a little bit of a cliché when it comes to his personality. It's not so much a lack of confidence as a belief that he's not all that special. He's a good man who specializes in swordplay, but beyond that, his skills feel rather mundane. His ability to practice court etiquette doesn't measure up to that of his sisters, and he finds most regal duties to be "boring." But as he's had to step into the role of Exalt, he'll give it his best. He just won't claim the actual title.

Because of his constant dedication to duty, Chrom hasn't been exposed much to the wiles of the fairer sex. He's as vanilla as they come, old-fashioned to a tee, and becomes wildly flustered when he accidentally walks in on Robin while she's changing her clothes. Any affection he gives is wholly natural. He may not be a practiced romantic, but it's his honest emotions that draw people to him.

Taken from his pre-timeskip canon point, Chrom's feelings toward Robin are more than just platonic. He's attracted to her kindness, her intelligence, and her willingness to help those around her. He fully plans on courting her, even marrying her if she'll agree to it, as soon as the circumstances allow. In the meantime, he's just happy to spend time with her, whether it's business or pleasure.

Third-Person Sample: Some might wonder why a prince would walk down the streets of Aqures Ixen with a large pumpkin under his arm. What did he mean to do with that thing? Most might assume he meant to use it for target practice; he did have his bow slung over his shoulder, after all. But the truth of the matter was, he was going to carve it into a jack-o'-lantern.

And why not? Chrom saw nothing wrong with getting into the spirit of the season. It was something new. He would invite Robin, Morgan, and Henry to come over and carve an entire legion of jack-o'-lanterns if they liked...though he shuddered to think what Henry could possibly make. Either way, the downtime was considered a rare luxury, and he fully intended to enjoy it the best way possible: spending time with the people he cared about.

But if his pumpkin wound up a shoddy embarrassment, then sure. He'd use it for target practice.


If the above isn't long enough, here's a link to his Test Drive thread.

Mognet Sample: To My Friends and Fellow Heroes,

I write to you from the Calm Plains. I am happy to report that monster activity is normal here, and we have yet to encounter any of the dreaded hamsters that so many of you were kind enough to warn us about. The search for Chocobos continues, and I believe we are drawing close. Tracks were spotted near the river, along with a few tufts of yellow down.

I have also discovered what appears to be a blue feather. I can't confirm whether or not it's a chocobo feather; it may belong to some sort of local bird. We will investigate further and inform you of our findings, should they prove to be significant.

I hope you are well. Should you require our assistance, you have but to ask, and we shall make our return straightaway.

Your Friend,

Moogle Name: Kulevi
Moogle Gender: Female
First Job: Paladin
Second Job: Dark Knight
Limit Break: Aether - A crushing dual-strike attack that restores some of Chrom's health, as well as drastically decreasing a foe's attack and defense capabilities.


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